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Nistru Non Filter USA

Nistru Non Filter

  • Nicotine: 1.1 mg
  • Tar: 13 mg
  • Carbon: 14 mg
  • Packs: 10
  • 2 Cartons x $10.60
Price: 21.20 USD
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Cheap Nistru Cigarettes Online

USA Nistru Cigarettes are cheap non-filter cigarettes that are made by TUTUN CTC. Eastern European tobacco giant TUTUN CTC produces many popular cheap tobacco brands such as Doina, Temp, Fluieras etc. American Nistru cigarettes are one their cheap tobacco products. If you like to smoke cheap non-filter cigarettes then USA Nistru cigarettes are made for you. Buy them now from our online store, and enjoy true tobacco taste.

Many smokers enjoy cigarettes that don’t have filter, because only in these cigarettes they can feel true tobacco taste almost the same taste as in pipes. American Nistru Cigarettes are manufactured from qualitative tobacco that is grown on sun. We can recommend purchasing cheap Nistru cigarettes USA from our store, to every smoker who likes real tobacco taste for low price. Buy your Nistru smokes exclusively from our online store.

You can order only one type of Discount Nistru cigarettes USA – Nistru Regular. These smokes are very strong cigs with 13milligrams of tar, 1.1milligrams of nicotine and 14milligrams of carbon. Buy your Nistru smokes from our store and your order will be shipped immediately. Also you will receive our special discount coupon that can be used for your future orders.

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