Traditional Smokes' Comeback

According to the data, received by scientists from Portland State University during recent study, E-cigarettes may contain high levels of formaldehyde. The device, used in the study is known as premium vaporizer. It works by heating the liquid, containing nicotine till the vapor formation. After the vapor appears, person inhales it. The majority of these devices allow people to control the voltage and correspondingly the intensity of smoke.

During this study, the device was tested on different voltages. When creating vapor on low voltage, the device did not generate any formaldehyde, or its amount was so small that couldn’t be detected. However, when it was running on high voltage, vaporizer has generated 15 times more formaldehyde than traditional cigarettes that barely contain any.

Thus, it turned out that e-cigarettes are not a better alternative to the conventional smokes, at least not if they are running on high voltages. Year 2014 saw a decline in people’s trust in e-cigarettes, which dropped from 85 to 64 percent.