Sniffer Dogs To Detect Illegal Cigarettes

Due to the fact that smuggling of cigarettes in UK has reached all-time highest point, law enforcement agents are forced to look for unconventional methods of detection of illegal tobacco products. Thus, 10 sniffer dogs were enlisted to help with the search. Magnificent canines, some of which are also trained to sniff out cash and drugs did an amazing job by finding 2,594,858 cigarettes for the total of £614,488.

Together with their handlers these dogs have travelled across the entire country, searching for cigarettes, hidden in the secret places. Brave canines found a lot of cigarettes, hidden in the false walls, floorboards and so on. Some of the smugglers have smeared the packages containing tobacco products with such repellents as coffee, air freshener and curry.

But sniffer dogs were ready for such tricks as they were trained to ignore such aromas and concentrate on others. These dogs will continue helping officers to uncover and destroy smuggled cigarettes throughout the entire Great Britain.