Increase Of Cigarette Smuggling

UK tobacco companies are now facing the real possibility of passing of the long-feared law. According to this law, tobacco manufacturers will need to change the outlook of their packs to the common plain style. Creators of the law consider it a valid way to fight smoking among minors.

According to the health groups that proposed this law and are pushing for its immediate approval, plain packs will not be interesting and enticing for your people, who like everything flashy and colorful. New design will also aim on reducing the smoking among the general population.

While discussing the new law, they frequently refer to the harshest way of fighting smoking, which was applied by Australia. Australian tobacco manufacturers are now forced now only put usual warnings on their packs, that are common among many other European countries, they are also forced to put pictures of patients, suffering from various types of cancer on their packs. That makes packs design a clear and vivid message on advantages of abandoning the bad habit. Nevertheless, UK tobacco manufacturers are warning that such change will greatly simplify the production of counterfeit cigarettes, as well as smuggling of the illegal cigarettes in the country.