Ban For Throwing Cigarette Butts

Singapore is one of the very few places, where you can’t chew gum. Why? Because of the possibility that you’ll litter the public space with it when you’re done chewing it. Littering is treated like one of the severest crimes in Singapore and can even lead to caning. Therefore it is extremely important not to throw out anything on the streets.

This rule was apparently disregarded or forgotten by a man, who after enjoying his cigarettes was throwing cigarette butts out of his window. Surveillance cameras have picked up 34 times when he threw the cigarette butt of the window. Currently, he’s facing an enormous fine – the highest fine for such a crime in the entire country - $15,000.

However, enraged judge didn’t stop after issuing such a harsh fine. Man is also obliged to do community service – he’ll be cleaning public places five hours a day, wearing bright vest with the inscription: "Corrective Work Order". Due to the efforts of Singapore’s National Environment Agency, this country is considered among the cleanest in the world.