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  • Nicotine: 0.8 mg
  • Tar: 10 mg
  • Carbon: 12 mg
  • Packs: 10
  • 2 Cartons x $11.60
Price: 23.20 USD
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American Cosmos Cigarettes On-Line

USA Cosmos cigarettes are low cost smokes from Eastern European manufacturer TUTUN CTC. TUTUN CTC is known company for their low cost and budget cigarettes. They could achieve it due to the low taxes and cheap workforce. USA Cosmos cigarettes are popular in Eastern Europe due to their decent quality and low price. Many hard workers can afford american Cosmos cigarettes, because the price of cigs are very low, мге quality is good.

American Cosmos cigarettes are popular for their unique pack. On packs you will see rocket that is flying to the moon. Cosmos smokes were created in the year when Gagarin flight to the moon. Cheap Cosmos cigarettes USA are made from perfect Virginia tobacco, that is exported from South America countries. We have many customers who order and smoke Cosmos. Usually they describe these smokes as cheap and qualitative smokes.

We have only one type of discount Cosmos cigarettes USA - Cosmos King Size. These smokes are packed in blue packs with rocket on it. Every cigarette of cosmos has 10milligrams of tar, 0.8milligrams of nicotine and 12milligrams of carbon. Cosmos smokes are pretty strong, and they have nice filter. Buy Cosmos smokes from our store, and receive special discount, that can be used for your future orders.

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