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Astru Non Filter USA

Astru Non Filter

  • Nicotine: 1.1 mg
  • Tar: 13 mg
  • Carbon: 14 mg
  • Packs: 10
  • 2 Cartons x $9.60
Price: 19.20 USD
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American Astru Unfiltered Cigarettes Online

American Astru cigarettes are popular Eastern European brand that is known for its strengths and for its low price. USA Astru cigarettes are manufactured on giant tobacco manufacturer – TUTUN CTC. TUTUN CTC is one of the biggest tobacco factories in Eastern Europe, and they produce many popular cheap brands. Astru smokes are considered as one of the most popular brands from TUTUN CTC production line.

Astru cigs are made from local grown oriental tobacco, and they have unique tobacco taste. USA Astru cigarettes are non-filter and that is why their taste is so smooth and original. American Astru cigarettes are very strong and we can’t recommend them to starters. Not so many people like to smoke non-filter cigs, but there are many fans who like them. On our online store every customer can purchase cheap Astru cigarettes USA.

We offer one type of discount Astru cigarettes USA – Astru non-filter. These smokes are packed in light short packs. Every cigarette has 13milligrams of tar, 1.1milligrams of nicotine and 14milligrams of carbon. Our store provides best prices on Astru smokes. Also we have special discount coupons that one can use for new purchases. Buy cheap Astru cigarettes from our store, and we will ship them directly at your place.

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