Tobacco USA

If we’re talking about cigarettes, then the most frequently used type of tobacco USA is certainly Virginia. Sometimes, this type of tobacco is used by itself, in other cases manufacturer uses tobacco USA blends, for example the blend of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco USA.

If the tobacco USA is fine cut, you will never find twigs or leaf veins in your cigarettes, but if the tobacco USA was cut rough and is of the poor quality – you will find the flavor of cigarettes revolting. Which cigarettes contain Virginia blend? – The answer is: almost all brands manufactured in Europe and USA. Virginia is so popular and so abundantly used because it can be grown easily, it makes a perfect base for addition of other tobacco types and if it’s fine cut – you will never find a smoothest draw.

Oriental tobacco is usually used in brands that remind you of Asia. It gives a note of spiciness to the flavor and is usually for those, who are into such thing. Oriental type of tobacco is never used by itself; otherwise its taste would be overwhelming.